About us

We are a company specialized in the organization of events, productions and nautical filming. We put at your disposal a large team of specialists. We provide an integral service of nautical consultancy and production, which includes:

  • Evaluation and proposal of locations.
  • Risk analysis and safety plans.
  • Weather and sea conditions forecasts.
    Auxiliary vessels: camera boats, support boats and vips.
  • Professional pilot and crew, extras and specialists.
  • Boat construction, theming and decoration (exterior and interior) and remodeling.

Movie boats

Nao Victoria

Galeón Andalucía

Nao Santa Maria

Carabela Boa Esperança

Carabela Vera Cruz

Pascual Flores



How we do it?

Vela Cuadra Producciones, for the participation in events and nautical filming, manages and has access to vessels such as the Nao Victoria, the Galleon Andalucia, the Nao Santa Maria, as well as the Portuguese caravels Boa Esperança and Vera Cruz. Life-size ship replicas from the XVI – XVII centuries, in addition to others. These ships have been designed with the maximum historical accuracy, careful theming, interior and exterior, which gives them a unique appearance as sets for audiovisual productions. In addition, they sail under sail, using the techniques of the period, which contributes to a unique atmosphere and experience and allows them to travel to locations all over the world. In addition to these vessels, Vela Cuadra Producciones can provide other complementary services to the nautical filming such as:

  • Outboard boat (zodiac)
  • Security boat, camera and/or drone support boat
  • Divers
  • Drone



Calle Brasil 1, sot. A,
41013 Sevilla

Tel: +34 678 953 440

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